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Start your inspirational journey here: current topics, trends and inspiration; collaborations, themes and competitions. What is the craft world talking about right now?


Yarn of the Month: Novita Tuuli

The wonderfully fluffy Novita Tuuli mohair yarn can be used either on its own or combined with another yarn.

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Yarn of the Month: Novita Cotton Feel

Novita Cotton Feel is a lovely soft cotton yarn, perfect for both knitting and crochet.

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Summer in Socks

Summer is the perfect time for smaller knits, like socks. Wool socks are easy to knit and make a perfect gift for loved ones!

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Yarn of the Month: Novita Aura

Novita Aura is a thicker cotton yarn that is great for both crochet and knitting.

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Yarn of the Month: Novita Woolly Wood

Novita Woolly Wood is the perfect yarn for summer! In April it's finally time to start making the most gorgeous knitwear for this year.

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Quick and Easy Knits With Hygge Wool

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Meri Milash loves "Penelope"

The oversized cut of the Penelope knit and the slits on the sides of the knit give a lot of styling options and Meri has already had time to wear the knit for many occasions.

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Annika Ollila found her favourite!

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Villimilli's Picks

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TOP 10 Knitwear Trends

The social media is filled with more and more gorgeous knitwear - but what to knit right now? International trend agency WGSN predicts the following knitwear designs as the biggest favourites of the season.

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Knitwear Trends

When designing new collections, Novita uses WGSN forecasts, just like all the major fashion houses and chains in the world.

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Stitches of wellbeing

Novita’s customer research: 93% of crafters see knitting as a way to relax – Brain researcher encourages people to knit in school or at work: “If you’re not doing anything with your hands, it’s bad for your brain”

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