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3 x Villimillin stailausvinkit

Julkaistu 21.12.2023

Novita Essentials

Villimill's style is colourful, playful and varied. The classic v-neck knit is suitable for any occasion, as it can be easily accessorised with a variety of accessories and bottoms.

Influencer Villimilli aka Mirva Nieminen chose the Essentials collection for her Camilla sweater and styled it three different ways.

"For me, the deciding factor was surprisingly the v-neck! I've been longing for one in my wardrobe, as I love necklaces, and this one shows off the jewellery beautifully. It's beautiful and practical. I like casual clothes that can still be dressed up or even dressed down when needed, and this knit fits the bill."

1. Contrasting colours for the office
This outfit perfectly expresses my love for bright colours and their combination. I often choose one or two dominant colours and go for it. For the office, of course, I like to dress neat but not boring.

2. Out for an autumn walk
"Pastels all go together, and I dare to mix them up a bit more! Materials are really important to me, especially when I'm out and about, and in winter I usually wear wool under my jacket. A small scarf still works in autumn, in winter I would wear a balaclava on top of the cap. In trousers I like to have fun with prints, sometimes the prints are even more moderate looking when they are not close to the face, tip for the print-phobes!"

3. Dinner and party
"One of my favourite ways to dress is to pick one colour and wear it head to toe. This is a more subdued version of that, and I paired different shades of blue with white. A sweater can really be a cooler outfit too with the right accessories. For this one, I went for a showy beaded accessory and a shimmery skirt. It would work for a little Christmas party! And also for the office, which sums up my dressing philosophy: I don't really differentiate between formal and casual wear. The main thing is to feel good about your outfit, in or out of context!"

Novita Essentials: Camilla Sweater

This knitted V-neck sweater is a real pastel classic for your wardrobe. The delicate Camilla sweater is knitted using two yarns – Novita Soft Merino 4PLY and Tuuli – held together, making for a vibrant fabric. The Tuuli yarn brings in some luxurious fluffiness and at the same time helps hide any uneven spots in your knitting. The low V-neck makes the loose-fitting garment look a touch lighter.

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