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Knitwear Trends

When designing new collections, Novita uses WGSN forecasts, just like all the major fashion houses and chains in the world.


Today's fashion favours timeless and responsible styles. Clothes are expected to be wearable over multiple seasons and suitable for a wide range of occasions. Modern simplicity is brought to life with bright colours and fluffy materials.

WGSN highlights a soothing and fresh light blue with depth and brightness as one of the most popular colours of the season. Amid the crises that are shaking the world, balancing colours are becoming even more important. Warm reds and delicious pinks are also among these colours.

Alongside the cheerful colours, the responsible wardrobe uses classic colours, such as different shades of grey and brown, white and black.


Right now, the world is facing a series of different crises. At times, a downbeat mood needs to be accompanied by soft and natural materials. Among all the worry, it feels good to wrap yourself in your favourite woollen sweater, a soft cardigan, or woollen socks.

Wool and other responsible fibres are a natural choice for the fashion-conscious consumer. This autumn, fluffy and chunky textures are a top trend. Flowy, fluffy and puffy are the trends that are seen in knitwear Hehku, a fluffy mohair yarn from Novita's range, is at the forefront of trends and is a wonderful addition to knitwear and accessories.


A contemporary fashion that favours simplicity and clean shapes, suits perfectly for the modern knitter. New knitwear designs have characteristic beautiful shapes, carefully considered details and technically interesting designs.

Especially all kinds of knitted tops have looseness, both in the sleeves and the body. Looseness makes knitwear more responsible since it allows the material to breathe and keeps it a little further away from the skin.

Still holding on strong are knitted garments for home and home office. Loose and long cardigans are a delight, inviting you to wrap yourself up in a woolly hug.

Soft Picks for the Season

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Novita Hygge Wool: Helge cardigan
Adventurous Beginner

Novita Hygge Wool: Helge cardigan

Aamuhetki ribbed cardigan

Aamuhetki ribbed cardigan

Novita Isoveli: Rento knitted hoodie

Novita Isoveli: Rento knitted hoodie

Novita 7 Veljestä: Liv wrap cardigan

Novita 7 Veljestä: Liv wrap cardigan

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