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Annika Ollila found her favourite!

Julkaistu 12.1.2024

Fashion influencer Annika Ollila often wears something homemade - whether it's a crocheted bag, sewn jewellery or a knitted hat.

Annika Ollila describes her style as soft and relaxed. Some part of Annika's outfit can always be loose-fitting, because the most important thing in dressing is comfort.

"When I feel comfortable, I also feel the most confident."

Annika's favourite knitwear from the Essentials collection is Tove relaxed, with its long sleeves and beautiful striped pattern that makes it easy to mix and match. The versatile knitwear can be combined with practically anything and will keep you warm in every situation.

"For the office I wear it with casual jeans and a linen shirt, for drinks I pair it with a dress and boots, and for walks I wear it with a sweater with outdoor pants and a top vest."

Novita Essentials: Tove Sweater

The Tove sweater, worked in patent stitch, is a real power garment that's easy to wear with pride. The jaunty stripes rhythm the patent knit surface and keep you interested while you work the project. The raglan sleeve design is knitted seamlessly from top to bottom with double yarn, Novita Huviretki and Tuuli together. There are two different versions of the pattern, Tove's more relaxed version is a trendy loose oversize knit, knitted with chunky needles.

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