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Meri Milash loves "Penelope"

The oversized cut of the Penelope knit and the slits on the sides of the knit give a lot of styling options and Meri has already had time to wear the knit for many occasions.

"My style is definitely more is more. But what I like most about clothes is comfort and quality materials. I like to mix a lot of new and old and I want to get more out of my clothes, so if I buy something new, it has to fit in with my existing clothes."

What did you particularly like about Novita's Essentials collection?

- The Novita Essentials collection is really practical, beautiful and long-lasting. I could imagine how these same looks will still be relevant decades later.

How would you combine knitwear in different ways for different occasions?

- I would pair knitwear boldly with a variety of looks. With straight trousers and ankle boots, a knit would work well, even at work. For a more formal occasion, I would wear a knit with a showy skirt or dress. Personally I wore the knit with a leather skirt, you can't go wrong with this look. The knit also works great with a full-length suit.

Novita Essentials: Penelope Sweater

The medium-length striped Sweater is a real favourite, and one you'll want to wear every day. The spectacular Penelope will leave no one cold. In addition to the wide stripes, the deep side slits and wide saddle sleeves are stunning details. The combination of Novita Hehku and Soft Merino 4PLY yarns makes it quick and easy to knit, and the knit, made from only natural materials, is warm and luxuriously soft. The Penelope sweater is knitted top-down seamlessly from the neck down. The pattern gives you two different options for the neckline, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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