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Summer Knit-along: Mica

In July, we'll knit together a Mica jumper for everyone! The Mica sweater in Novita Tuuli mohair yarn is a perfect knitting project for everyone, as the pattern can be adapted to your own style.

Mica is a pattern that can be varied as much as you like. The pattern description for Mica is available in five different designs in eight different sizes. In addition to the colours, you can make the sweater your own by choosing the length of the sleeves: you can knit the sweater with long, short or 3/4 sleeves.

The Knit-along starts on Monday 8th of July 2024 and the pattern will be published in six parts on Mondays and Fridays. The Mica jumper is knitted with Novita Tuuli yarn. Choose your colours and join the knitting!

Mica Sweaster

Alla Mica-modeller

Choose your favourite and order yarn!

Mica Sweater Knit-along - Blossom
Adventurous Beginner

Mica Sweater Knit-along - Blossom

Mica Sweater Knit-along - Bloom
Adventurous Beginner

Mica Sweater Knit-along - Bloom

Mica Sweater Knit-along - Solid
Adventurous Beginner

Mica Sweater Knit-along - Solid

Mica Sweater Knit-along - Stripe
Adventurous Beginner

Mica Sweater Knit-along - Stripe

Five variations, eight sizes!

Choose your own design and colour shades. Now you can get Novita Tuuli yarns for -20% plus an extra Mica badge when you order yarns from

Kaupan päälle Mica-kangasmerkki!

När du beställer Novita Tuuli till din Mica-stickning får du ett tygmärke på köpet! Kom ihåg att lägga till märket själv i varukorgen. Du hittar den som en extra artikel tillsammans med stickorna.

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Novita Tuuli at -20 % all of July

Novita Tuuli -20 %

The gorgeously soft and fluffy Novita Tuuli mohair-blend yarn is ideal for use on its own or in combination with another yarn. It is a blend of 60% mohair and 40% viscose, which gives it a subtle and sophisticated sheen. With a truly sumptuous feel, this yarn is perfect for creating accessories and clothing.

Tuuli has been granted the Garnet har fått Oeko-tex® STANDARD 100-label. We recommend washing by hand for garments made of Tuuli.

Novita Tuuli -20 % all of July

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