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We are the next Sock Box designers

The Nordic Sock Box series have been designed by well-known and loved designers from the Nordic countries. For the spring boxes, the designers all chose Novita Viola, and now the autumn boxes will feature thicker sock yarns. Get inspired and enter the enchanting world of Nordic sock design!


Hélène Magnússon, Iceland

Hélène Magnússon a.k.a. Icelandic Knitter is an Icelandic/French designer with a degree in textile design. She believes that the best way to preserve traditions is to continue using them, giving them new life. A former lawyer, shepherd and mountain guide, she established her knit design studio in 2010 and has gained international recognition with her distinctive style inspired by the tradition with a modern twist. She is the author of many books about Icelandic knitting and has patterns published in magazines, books and on her website. She shares her genuine passion for Iceland’s rich knitting heritage in the hiking and knitting tours she organises and guides all year round in Iceland.

Sock design for the August Sock Box is based on the Mountain Avens, a native plant in Iceland and also a National flower.

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Klara Nilsson, Sweden

Klara Nilsson ”Klarybarry” is a Swedish textiledesigner who loves bright colours and patterns. She works a lot with multicolored cables and her goal is to make clothes that makes people happy.

”When I started this project and heard that the theme was nordic I started to think about what’s typically Swedish. I decided to take inspiration from nature and make a sock inspired by spruces in the snow. I work a lot with multicolored cables and wanted to include that in my sock design so I decided to use stripes for the needles of the spruce and work with green and white to really give it the feeling of a snowy forest."

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Nina Granlund Sæther, Norway

Nina Granlund Sæther grew up in Asker, Norway. Her love and interest for knitting started before going to school. She is educated as a craft teacher, and has written several books about arts and crafts, and makes also designs for Norwegian magazines. She is creating original and visually striking craft in a Scandinavian influenced tradition.

These December socks are inspired by a pair of old mittens Nina’s mother gave her. They are traditional mittens in black and white from Selbu in Norway.

”I like to knit with thin yarn and thin needles. Then you get a much richer expression because you knit with more stitches. I also like to vary the rib of my works - and here I have chosen a feminine lace.

The sock yarn from Novita is good to knit with, and is excellent for socks. I was very happy with the color combination because the pattern comes out well.”

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