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Call For New Sock Designs

Every sport deserves its own socks - design your own and enter the competition!


Every sport deserves its own socks and that's why Novita is organizing a sports sock competition. What would the knitted wool socks of an ice swimmer or a golfer look like? How about an equestrian or an ice hockey player? What kind of sock represents best your favourite sport?


To enter the competition, you need to design socks inspired by or for sports. Use any technique you like and use Novita’s yarns (preferably polyamide blend yarns Viola, Nalle, 7 Veljestä and Isoveli).

The winning sock patterns will be published later this year. Please note, that we can’t publish designs that use copyrighted imagery. These include, for example, Olympic rings or the emblems and logos of various teams.


Design and make your socks and send a picture of them to ( The last entries must be sent May 1st, 2024. Novita's jury will select the winning socks and the winners will be contacted personally. Winners are required to deliver a pattern for the socks in English, Swedish or Finnish. Novita will edit the pattern for publication.

The copyright for the designs will remain with the designers, but Novita will have permission to publish and use them in its products and marketing. The winning socks will be sent back to the designers when Novita no longer needs them for marketing purposes.


The winning designs will be awarded with a €350 design fee. All participants will also enter a raffle for surprise prizes.

Lehteen valittujen mallien suunnittelijat saavat 350 euron suunnittelupalkkion. Lisäksi arvomme kaikkien osallistujien kesken tuotepalkintoja.

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